Cliff Bumgardner's writing has allowed him to turn a childhood obsession into a career.

Growing up, stories were the ultimate adventure. Movies, books, comics – each was a way into a different world, a place to play and dream and learn a thing or two. But it wasn’t long before just visiting those worlds wasn’t enough. He had to create them.
Published internationally when he was just sixteen years old, Cliff’s writing has since garnered awards and praise from across the industry. Known for his genre-spanning work in a variety of media including screenwriting, narrative prose, and nonfiction, he’s not content to confine himself to just one way of telling a story. His debut film, a documentary chronicling the life of a WWII Marine at Iwo Jima, combined his passion for history with his love of film and visual storytelling. His continued work includes being at the helm and behind the cut of a multitude of documentaries, short films, and commercials.
Outside of the job, Cliff remains an avid reader, comics fan, and lover of all things celluloid. He is currently in development on two large projects centered around the world of geek culture – of which he is proudly, some would say helplessly, a citizen.